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Я не волшебник, я только учусь...

11th February, 2013. 2:32 am.

время идет,
нас не щадит.
время не ждет,
не терпит,
не спит.

мы изменились,
в норках зарылись,
пылью покрылись,
и не узнали друг друга.

время не спит,
не терпит,
не ждет,
нас не щадит,
и идет и идет и идет ....

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18th February, 2011. 9:26 am. И еще один стих к еще одной картине той же художницы

Давно уже хотелось мне
Летать на волшебном коне
Хотел я хотел... и устал...
Заснул, и во сне полетал!

Александрова Евгения

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18th February, 2011. 9:21 am. Стих к картине

когда мне не хочется шутки шутить
не хочется есть и не хочется пить
то кот мой приходит, и можно грустить
и коту, и шуту, тоже можно грустить

Грустить можно
Александрова Евгения

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24th December, 2009. 8:20 pm. "Мама я хочу играть с Лефами"

Сегодня Рон подходит ко мне и говорит Мама я хочу играть с Лефами.
А кто такие Лефы спрашиваю я его, и услышав что
Лефы ето такие тигры, я сразу все понимаю :)

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2nd August, 2009. 2:09 am.

Its in the dance, when you can brake my gurad, bring down my walls.
It's in the dance, when you can touch my soul.
It's in the dance, when I can give you all,
All what you dream of, all what no other gets,
So come and take me, I am in the dance...

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28th July, 2009. 3:39 am.

Get on the moon with me my friend,
And sing a lullaby.
Let all my nightmares come to end,
And all my dreams come by.

Please, say you'll never have enough
Of my big smile, my childlike eyes.
Say all you want is hear me lough,
Let me be silly, you be wise.

Come close and hold me by my hand
Please keep me warm and safe
Say love is never going to end,
Life is never going to waste.

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22nd July, 2009. 1:45 am.

My state is the restless one,
For never am I still.
My fate is the reckless one,
For ever I am at will.

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9th March, 2009. 3:34 pm. “A porridge from an Axe”

Sergeant Brave,
Fought many wars,
Walked many ways,
Stood many woes.

But he could not,
Fight stomach craves!
He’d say:
“I need my porridge,
To keep my strength and courage”

He’d knock on doors,
To do some chores.
Or any good,
To get some food.

One day he went
By house all wrecked
And there he met,
An old, fat maid.

“If she's so fat…”
He thought, “I bet,
She has good food,
To share, I would”

“My dear old maid”,
Brave bravely said,
“You’re all alone,
And in such home,
You surely need
Some help, indeed.
I offer you
My strength and speed,
I only ask,
Myself to feed.”

“Be gone my lad”
Old lady said,
“I am no good,
I have no food.”

Brave’s eyebrows rose,
Off guard he was,
By such response -
Such hostile host…

He did not muse,
For long. He said:
“Would you refuse,
My dear old maid,
To try a porridge
If I made?
A pot,
Some water and an axe,
That’s all I need,
That’s all it takes.”

A wild smile
Crossed old face,
And greedy thoughts
Of easy prey,
Set on her praise:

“My dear lad,”
An old crook said
“You are so kind,
I don’t mind.
At once, all what you need,
I’ll find.”

She brought some water in a pot,
Next carried an axe, all rusty and old,
Then stared at Brave
Arms crossed, eyes cold.

Brave set the fire,
Boiled the water,
And then enquired:
“Some salt, Eve’s daughter!”

Maid’s face turned coarse…

“Not much, of course
A pinch,
For taste,
So that our porridge would not waste.

She just had time enough to bring the salt,
When Brave's brave voice again she herd:

"We need some grains,
Of course
Some oats or corns,
A pinch at most,
A pinch so small,
You would not feel the loss at all!"

“Well if you say so, I suppose…”
Maid said,
Though she still angry was,
She has obeyed.

“All done!”
Brave finally proclaimed
He clenched his fists
And proudly said:
“Let’s start our feast,
Our Porridge is great!”

So this is how,
Good Brave was saved, from stomach pains.
Good porridge, from an axe was made,
With clever brains!

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7th March, 2009. 12:42 am.

It barks or howls or wings its tail
It knows you well just by your smell
It understands but cannot talk,
It’s mans best friend it is a ….

Never closed for good,
It will open once more!
And if some one is rude,
You should show him the…

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16th February, 2009. 3:41 am. ABC in Rhymes and Riddles C:

Four legs it has,
And sometimes, back and arms.
It’s not a man,
But it can carry one.

When it’s away,
The mice will play.
When it’s around,
The dogs will hound.

Made from milk,
Yellow or white.
Hard or cream,
Every mouse wants a bite!

Keeps the time in its hands
Hours, minutes, seconds
Never stops, tick, tick, tock.
Day and night, round the …

Dig it out to eat,
This root is orange and sweet.
To get a donkey, to work with a merit,
Give him a stick or give him a ….

Not a hedgehog, not a pine,
It has many thorns and spines.

It has horsepower, with no horse.
You can not beat its speed and force.
One wheel you steer, four take you far.
It stops on red it is a …

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